Best Cloning Apps For Android Phones in 2022

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 Cloning apps on Android is one of the easiest ways to use dual apps on your Android device, while some phone manufacturers like Xiaomi have already included this feature on their devices, it’s very easy to run a dual app on any Xiaomi device.

But if your Android device doesn’t have the feature to clone or have dual apps, then you’ll be needing cloning apps before you can get that done. Today’s article here on OFofotechy will give you insights into the top Android applications for cloning.

List of the Top Cloning Apps for Android Smartphones

1. Parallel Space

best cloning apps for Android

Parallel Space is one of the best working app cloners out there for Android users, and this app has made it very easy to run more than one app and multiple accounts on Android. With Parallel Space you can have more than one Facebook, WhatsApp or even Twitter account on your Android device, and there won’t be a conflict between the original version of the app and the cloned one.

2. Dr.Clone

best cloning apps for Android

Dr.Clone is another powerful app cloner on Android and this app has two different types, it has a 64-bit and 32-bit type that varies across different Android devices. If you want to clone any apps perfectly on your Android device and also want to run multiple accounts without having any issues on your Android device, then Dr.Clone is the perfect app cloner to use. This app is free and it’s one of the only app cloners without Ads.

3. Clone App

Clone App

Clone App offers one of the best ways to put balance between the apps you use for your work and the personal apps you use as a normal user, and it does this via its unique features to clone apps and put them in a safe space where you can easily access them and carry out any activities you want. This app has many features and it also comes with a free built-in VPN that can be used to connect online with a hidden IP address.

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