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Afolabi Adeoye Adebanjo (born January 26), known professionally as Fola, is a singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, entertainer, author and entrepreneur known for songs such as “Gbosa,” “Sekele,” and “Oleku”. Fola is a dynamic artist who is never afraid to test waters with his vocal chords. His ability to create and polish his art is mind blowing and encouraging especially to upcoming artists who settle for mediocrity. Fola is well grounded in Afrobeat as well as Kente (Ghana Style of Music). In August 2020, Fola independently released his latest single, the record “Gbosa”. “Gbosa” is an attestation that he sure knows what he’s doing.



Born in Nigeria, he first got into music at a young age. “As a kid, I would often spoil the record player trying to play something on it, everybody in the house was musically inclined, my dad and I would drive for hours and just listen to music, while I watched him turn the steering wheel to a drum pad” Fola explained.

The youngest with three elder siblings, Fola started out by joining the performing arts group in primary school. He attended a Federal Government College secondary school where he felt somewhat out of place. As he told it, “I lived in a very reserved neighbourhood as a kid, high school was a new world for me, performing arts was my escape.” He would later go on to wow and blow the minds of parents, teachers and colleagues alike as the main act during the valedictory ceremony held for his graduating class with an astonishing, and thoroughly masterful and entertaining performance.



As a kid, Fola was surrounded and musically influenced by everyone and everything around him. He added, “I knew from a very young age, before I was five, that I wanted to be an entertainer, a performer”. His wish was granted when he released his first single “Oleku” which he recorded as an undergraduate, followed by “Sekele” and several singles between them and “Gbosa” in 2020. Fola is no stranger to the stage, be it radio, shows, or interviews as he’s always been in the spotlight.


In 2020, Fola independently released his latest single, the record “Gbosa”, which has earned him the title “Gbasa Gbasa King” as he’s popularly dubbed by fans across the world. “Gbosa” is an evergreen classic that goes to proves the power of good music, and how it can change, heal and bring the world together. “Gbosa” is a phenomenon that cuts across racial and language divide and barriers. Fans across the world, young and old, male and female who don’t speak the Nigerian lingo regardless of their language and nationalities, Africans, Americans, South Americans, Asians, Europeans, the world over are all hooked on “Gbasa Gbasa” as the hook of the song sings.

”Gbosa’ like the name is a smash, something that hits in a different kind of way. It slaps you with Congas, Toms, Afrocentric pluck sounds with lush synths blended and marinated with infectious vocal layering masterfully written, composed, arranged, recorded, performed, co-produced and vocally signed, sealed and delivered with soul seductive serenading melodies by Fola. “Gbosa” is a tune that cuts across and delivers that sought after Afrocentric vibes.



Besides music, Fola is also passionate about oratory, writing, acting, and pioneering. He has written, directed and appeared in several plays. In addition to being a wordsmith, Fola has sought out different types of media projects. He is multi diverse and able to cut it at the top across multiple genres with his style and craft.




Fola majored in Accounting, bagging a Bachelor in 2010 at Lead City University, and continues to pursue higher learning at the highest level attainable. He is a chore ographer and a dancer in his spare time.

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